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Last term was a great one for the Beaver Colony with some very exciting events. We started by teaming up with some Scouts on a trip to explore the Summer opening of Buckingham Palace where everyone renewed their promise in the Royal Garden, This was also part of our work towards a Challenge Badge. We celebrated Halloween by inviting Family and friends to a party. The Beaver Colony is 1 years old and is growing quickly and hoping this we continue to grow throughout this year. Thank you everyone in making our Beaver Colony a success.


Highlights of last term for cubs included one of the cubs coming second in the District Bowling competition, and in the second round we had another cub ending up in the county’s top 10. We also had a successful quasar and backwoods cooking day. We had one Cub demonstrating French cubs’ superior knowledge of knots.


Last term was a great term! We took part in some great activities and had some really funny Monday nights! Go Karting and lazer tag was great fun. We all had a fantastic time, apart from one scout trying to drive over another Scout and landing on top of him in his go kart!! Fortunately no one was hurt and we carried on! We then got to start Lazer tag early, as they had no one else booked in! This was fantastic as all the scouts got about 15 goes each in the end. It was a great day and all the scouts where buzzing about it on the way home. Barge Trip for fireworks night, where we took a barge out from kings Langley called The Belfast. It was a great weekend and again we all had a lot of fun. The Saturday was wet, very wet, very very wet!!!!! But we carried on and still made it in record time to cassiobury park in Watford. The skipper, who was driving the boat, could not believe how good the 12th were and he said we were the best group he had ever had on the barge! All the scouts worked really hard over the weekend and we returned the boat cleaner than when we got it!